Sunday, April 9, 2017

HELLO!!!! I'M ALIVE!!!!!!! Drawings+Sketches

Hello! Wow! It's already April....How was your Christmas? Mine was great!
So, I have some new drawings to show ya!
Recently as I've gotten more and more into Anime and Manga, I've been practicing my drawing in that area, it's been hard but let me show you where I'm currently at.

I've been making my own anime stories or I've been making OCs for actual animes. For me, making OCs helps me learn more about character development and design (Which I'm very into at the moment)

One of my anime stories that I made is a pirate story (and no, I promise it's not a One Piece rip-off) This story is about a pirate who joins a retired captain who reform a crew to get through lots of worlds to return the heart of the sea (And no, it's not from Moana, I swear I had this story line before I knew what the Moana story line was so....)
Here is the main Protagonist, His name is Kaiyo (which means ocean) Raisu. Sadly I haven't colored him or any of my other anime drawings because I don't want to use pencils for it, so I'm saving up for copic markers.
Displaying 20170408_111307.jpg

Here are some sketches of some One Piece characters, I was messing around with sharpies and cheap $1 markers. And this is what I got
Displaying 20170408_111326.jpg

This is my Soul Eater OC I made a few months ago, Her name is Zuzu, she is a weapon and my sister's OC is her meister.
Displaying 20170408_111417.jpg
I was practicing by looking at tutorials on last summer and this is how they turned out. (For those who may not know, these are actual characters from animes I've seen, so yeah..Just doing some fan art)
I drew this...Last fall or summer...Can't remember but I drew this from a Cuban doll figure my dad gave me, and I just changed it up a bit. 
Displaying 20170408_111622.jpg

Elsa...nuff said
Displaying 20170408_111642.jpgDisplaying 20170408_111647.jpg

I drew this girl and the first thing that came to mind was a Hot Topic model :)
Displaying 20170408_111757.jpg

Some random sketches in my sketchbook my sister gave me
Displaying 20170408_111953.jpg
Displaying 20170408_112048.jpg

My One Piece OC, her name is Will (Willow) She is in the straw-hat crew, and her weapon is a boomerang, I decided she should probably be a scout of some sort for them since just about all the positions are filled in the crew and I couldn't think of one....Her backstory has something to do with the Australian aboriginal people.
This is a rough sketch of her:
Displaying 20170408_112118.jpg
Below are some sketches of some characters from another anime story I'm working on, it's based off the pied paper story and these kids go into a candy land world to find their kidnapped friend. Kind of the tip of the iceberg but yeah.
Their outfits
Displaying 20170408_112341.jpg
This next one is about this somewhat rich underground criminal who now has to raise the godson of his best friends, it's hard for him because he still has to do his "Work" without the kid knowing, although eventually the kid finds out and the two of them become partners in crime :) The godfather's name is Nicholai Blackwolf and the godson's name is Zephyr Evans. CUE THE SKETCHES!!!!
Displaying 20170408_112237.jpg

Recently I've been reading a lot of those slice of life and other type comics on Pinterest (My favorite are Mondo Mango and Kid 'n' teenagers :) So I wanted to try making some sketches of my own featuring myself at work or at home doing random things :) If I had to give it a title, then it would be called: Rosy-Tosy :D
Displaying 20170408_112318.jpg
Here is a recent pic of me to show the itty bitty resemblance :)
Displaying 20170408_113511.jpg

Another story I've been working on is an anime american west cowboy story. I'm still working on the plot and such, but I have an idea in my mind, it's just hard to write it out in words, eventually I'll write it out :)
top left: Nashoba, top right: Blythe, bottom left: Toshi, Bottom right: Aramo.
Displaying 20170408_112404.jpg

Well I think that's all the drawings and sketches for now, thanks for reading! CYA!!


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Christmas break

Hello! I know I haven't been posting in forever, I've been busy with school and my new and first job! Also with Christmas coming real soon, I decided to take an official Christmas break, but I will be back in 2017! If I happen to post during this year...then I will. Hopefully by next year I'll have some new drawings for ya! Recently I haven't been as inspired to draw, also I'm trying to learn how to draw anime, which I'm very into right now, my anime art isn't good enough to post yet, but I'm hoping by then it'll be presentable.
CYA then!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Character studies: Tawnya

This is what I use to get to know my characters better, it's super helpful and helps you figure out more in depth stuff. If you'd like to use these questions for your characters then by all means do! Note; Just don't use any of my character information that I own.
This character studies is about Tawnya my SWR (Star wars rebels) character. Also Note: All of this is fan-fiction, solely based on my my stories in the star wars universe, and how they tie in.
                   At 14 when we first met her                   Now at 15 (almost 16..)
Name: Tawnya zereal meave
Age: 14 when you first meet her, Right now she is 15 and it depends on what will happen in the 3rd season of what age she'll be then.
Background: She was born a princess in an unknown planet to a Yoda-like tribe but was sent to Naboo when she was 3 when her tribe was massacred by droids, but the pod she was in crash-landed on Dagobah, that's how she met Yoda and was raised by him till she was 14, she then joined the rebels and has been with them ever since.
Place of birth: ? (it's an unknown/unnamed planet)
Parents: Her father Tiesto and Marliina, rulers of a tribe of a taller Yoda type species
Siblings: She is an only child….maybe….
Ethnic background: She is very Tribal. You could say she seems like Mayan/Caribbean
Places lived: She has only lived in the swamps and caves of Dagobah until she joins the rebels on Lothal and beyond :)
Special training: Jedi training and fighting, Swimming, and engineering.
Friends: Yoda, Kanan, Hera, Ezra, chopper, Zeb, Ahsoka, and a character my younger sister made up but I don't remember the name :)
Enemies: Droids, the inquisitor and the emperor, Darth Vader and agent kallus.
What people does she most admire? Yoda, Kanan, Hera, Ahsoka and sometimes Ezra.
Overall outlook on life: A dangerous place filled with distrustful people, life is only worth living if you know what you want and how to get it.
Does this character like herself: She does not care :)
What, if anything, would she like to change about her life: Is to find her destiny and meaning in life.
Is she lying to herself about something? : Maybe
How is she viewed by others: A tough, talented, tomboy who knows what she is doing, but isn’t used to being a team.
Physical appearance: She has green skin and is kinda skinny.
Physical build: Really skinny. But is very flexible, agile
Posture: regular
Head shape: Oval/circle
Eyes: big orange eyes.
Nose: small nose
Mouth: regular.
Hair: short cropped black hair that has a few strands of color. with a bone head band, after a year she loses the headband Now...her hair has grown and most of her hair is in dreads with a brown headband.
Skin: Green
Tattoos/piercings/scars: She has a white tribal tattoo that her parents gave her when she was born which expands as she ages and gets wiser (a sign of strength, and talent of power) ear piercings, and later when she is older, she gets piercings on her lip, tribal paint and four gems on her eyebrows.
Voice: I'm thinking her voice would probably sound like the younger Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus. (before Miley became who she is today...)
Height: when we first met her she was 5 feet, now she is "5'3".
Right- or left-handed: Both
What you notice first: Her hair and skin
Clothing: A brown crop top, mummy style capris, gladiator sandals, arm warmers, a sleeveless 2 years later..She wears magenta-ish exercise bra-type crop top, a brown neck kerchief she puts on her face when storms come, a gray short skirt with her tribal mark, a belt with her gear, magenta/brown finger-less gloves, long black leggings with orange rubber stripes to help her when she climbs, a black arm band, and brown boots.
Her weapon: Is a purple 6 sided light saber. her left arm has a few knives that pop out in battle and shoot missiles, 2 years later. She lost her light saber and so she got two new ones, an orange one and a double green one, she doesn't have her hand weapon anymore..she thinks it's too old and babyish.
How would she describe herself: A girl who is ready for her destiny
Health/disabilities:...Nothing for now....
Characteristics: Tough, closed in, always watching her back, She is used to being alone so she can't talk to people very well. She is not much of a talker. but when you get to know her she is very nice.
Weakest: When something reminds her of her family and tribe before they were massacred by a massive droid attack.
How much self-control and self-discipline does she have: She has like medium self-control and self-discipline.
Fears: That she won't be strong enough to defeat the empire. And that something bad will happen to the rebels.
Political leaning: She doesn't care..she wants nothing to do with politics.
Collections, talents: Sneaky, night vision, engineering, building in mechanics, she likes collecting old parts for her future ship, healing, and more!
What people like best about her: She is the hard, rough, yet energetic heart of the team.
Typical expressions: Angry, sassy, cute, funny, bummed, straight face...
When happy: She is kinda jumpy, funny, and bright.
When angry: She slams doors, yells, and sometimes loses her temper,
When sad: She gets a bit angry, and feels like her heart will break. She just wants to be alone to cry.
Laughs or jeers at: Zeb and Ezra when they do something dumb or stupid :)
interests and favorites: swimming, meditating and she loves building things.
Ways to cheer up this person: Give her a pep talk
Ways to annoy this person: Call her a little shrimp,
Hopes and dreams: Of defeating the empire and returning to her home planet to see if anyone in her tribe survived.
What’s the worst thing she’s ever done to someone and why: She slapped Ezra so that she could talk some sense into him,
Greatest success:.....That's coming soon..
Biggest trauma: When Kanan was captured and almost killed, and Spoiler warning for those who haven't seen this episode! when all that stuff happened at that temple where Darth maul and Darth Vader were (I don't remember what episode that was)
What does she care about most in the world: Her team and Ezra
Does she have a secret: Yes, She isn’t allowed to tell the team who her trainer was (Which is Yoda), or where he is. she is also a princess but won’t tell.
What does/will she like best about the other main character(s): Kanan is like a father to her, Hera is like a mother, Zeb and Ezra are like brothers and Sabine is like an older sister, Chopper is like her partner in crime.
What does/will she like least about the other main character(s): When Ezra is too rebellious, When Sabine pretty much ruined that mission with the mandalorians, Hera and Kanan sometimes act too parently, Chopper and Zeb can get annoying too.
If she could do one thing and succeed at it, what would it be: defeating the empire
Most embarrassing thing that ever happened to her: When she lost her light saber in a battle with the other two inquisitors.
She is the kind of person who: Would speak up for someone and take the blame.
Why will the reader sympathize with this person right away: She has a bit of a crush on Ezra but he doesn't know, so..yeah..She knows he has a crush on Sabine and that makes things a bit difficult for her to show her feelings. Not that she hates Sabine for that though, I mean they're pretty close in a sisterly way.

History: 14 years after the clone wars.

So what do think? Now you know her a bit more. Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think! And if there are more things you'd like to know about Tawnya then just comment!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Star Wars; Ask Tawnya :)

Hey all! What's up? No I don't have any new drawings but I've asked one of my characters to do a Q and A! So if you have any questions to ask my star wars character Tawnya meave. Then leave your question(s) in a comment, and she will answer them! Thanks!


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sorry for the delays!

Hey all, Still no drawings at the moment, I'm getting stuck on the path called life :)
Fan art wise I drew them already, but I haven't colored them yet, I'm so so so so sorry for the delay..Stuff is happening that I barely have the time to draw at all, so I probably won't be able to post any drawings for another couple of weeks. But I'll be back as soon as I can! Hang tight there! :D

Thanks for understanding!


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Drawing update! +Fanart!

Hey all! Sup? :)
Here are some drawings I that I've been meaning to show you for a while but there were problems with the computer :)
So first off is Tawnya! Yay! She is growing up!

 Anyways, This picture is for like..the middle of the 3rd to 4th season of SWR, So with is not what she looks like right now at this moment but this is what she'll look like when we're at that point in the SWR show :) So I guess in this picture she'd be about..16 or 17.  She lost her light-saber during a battle with the two inquisitors. So she had to go on a quest alone to get a new kyber crystal to make a new one so here are her new sabers! What do you think? Her hair has grown too so she has dreadlocks now and a new outfit! The orange stripes on her pants are grips so if she is climbing she is able to stay on the wall of a building for a longer period of time, see her white tattoo? It's expanded since her first picture because her tattoo grows as she becomes wiser and stronger.

Here is a picture of her when she was 3 years old, before her planet was invaded by droids. The mark on her robe/jacket is a symbol of strength and wisdom which her tribe used often, and later that becomes her tattoo.

Here is another random one of her flipping while battling.

Here is a drawing I did of her and Ezra, they both are in modern clothing which was fun to draw, I saw the pose on a picture from W.I.T.C.H.  So I decided to draw it except in Tawnya and Ezra version. What do you think? (sorry that most of the pictures are blurry, my camera is getting old :)

Here is my Star wars Ahsoka fan art! Here she is as a toddler! I drew it while I was sick in bed, after I finished coloring it, I was like; "This is kinda cute" what do you think?

This is Ahsoka in modern clothing when she was in the clone wars series, I love drawing characters in modern clothing because it makes them look like they are normal people just doing whatever..that totally made sense (NOT!)

Here is a Fullmetal Alchemist fan art pic! I mean OH MY GOSH MY SISTER, OLDER BROTHER AND I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH! I couldn't actually draw the characters quite yet because I'm still trying to work on learning to draw hopefully someday I can do real fan art of this. (I might do a cosplay someday..did I say that out loud? Oops! Sneak Peak on that coming up soon on my other blog at :)
Pokemon fan art. AH! Pikachu I love you so much! (that is just me fangirling pay no attention to that strange crazy girl :) Anyways, Indigo league is the best, but that's just my opinion. and Jessie and James are totally me and my sister (I'm James and she is Jessie)

Harry Potter fan art! Yay! So yeah I love love love Harry potter fan art. :)
And Here I drew Darth Vader, now I could only draw his helmet because I was afraid that if I drew the rest of his body then I might mess it up. Because for some reason after all these years of loving star wars I never thought about drawing this is my first time :) This picture is for Anonymous A by special request :)

I also drew Cerise Hood from ever after high! This picture was a bit more easier because I actually have the doll so it was nice to have something to look off of. I decided to give her face a bit of a different look to personalize it a bit, This picture is also for Anonymous A by special request :)

So I hope you all liked my small update and my fan art! Please tell me what you think! I like hearing other people's opinion!
BTW-More stories and drawings are coming! But good stories take time!
These are more recent pictures of me, for my 'about me' page, so that page is now updated!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Would you like me to draw anyone or anything?

Hey all! I'm trying to improve my drawing skills by drawing fan art! I love fan art! and I'll bet you do to! So I'll be drawing lots of fan art and if you'd like me to draw something or someone then please let me know in the comments!
I'll be drawing things in these categories like:
-Star wars
-Harry Potter
-Ever after high
-maybe Skyrim
-and stuff like that :)
I can't draw Dr. Who, Sherlock, and shows like that because I haven't seen them yet..:)
If you'd like me to draw anything from American girl then I could do that as well.
So yeah, just let me know in the comments on what you'd like me to draw and I'll try to draw it as best as I can!
Also I'll probably add a fan-fiction story to some of my fan art! So stay tuned!

BTW- Before I go I wanted to tell you that I've finished the new picture of Tawnya for star wars rebels season 3 which I know will be coming up soon (I hope!) So I'll put the pic up ASAP!

Thanks for taking the time to read this! And Happy Valentine's Day!!!!